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series of videos on building an AI drone with vision object detection/avoidance

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The build-it-yourself- example provided elsewhere, in the dronebotworkshop, was a powerful incentative; however, it was extremely limited and it was only a start - it demands to be much MUCH more.  It would be GREAT if there were a series of videos that would cover each step of constructing a drone, programming the drone, connecting the streaming imagery to the operator's goggles/display, and flying the drone (maybe through the do-it-yourself NIST obstacle course to build flight skills).  Then go through the process of how to incorporate GPS for location, speed, elevation, distance, and return to launch point.  Of course, having an on board camera taking the perfect legal video-and-stills would be an important section.  Can't forget that to fly, in the USA and other countries there are rules that would need to be included in the programming of the drone.  In the USA the FAA has established a test for all recreational flyers that takes about 20 or so minutes online in the privacy of your abode requiring no medical and it is impossible to "fail" because you can "do-over" until you are successful and can print the certificate that allows out-of-doors flying where legal!

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