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Tech Toolkit | The Ultimate Electronics Tool Round-Up

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A complete guide to the tools you’ll need in your electronics workshop. From Beginner to Maker to Service Pro - we have the tools for you!


No code or microcontrollers today, just a deep dig into the tools you’ll need for working with electronics. Note that I’m NOT talking about test equipment today, but we will cover prototyping tools.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the quality of your work is limited by the tools you have to work with. Electronics is a great hobby and vocation, and there are specialized tools that will make working with electronics a lot easier.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, especially as a beginner, to assemble a decent toolset that will give you years of enjoyment and productivity. In this video, I’ll cover all the hand tools (and some powered tools) you’ll need to assemble an electronics workbench, regardless of your skill level or ambitions.

Here is an outline of what I have in store for you today:

00:00 - Introduction
01:57 - User Types
04:52 - Screwdrivers & Bit Sets
11:29 - Nut Drivers
13:56 - Allen Keys
15:11 - Pliers
17:57 - Vampliers
19:56 - Wire Strippers & Wire Cutters
23:34 - Tweezers
24:38 - Solder for Electronics
26:44 - Soldering Irons & Stations
28:20 - USB-C and Butane Soldering Irons
30:34 - Soldering-Gun
31:41 - Solder Extractors (and work surface)
34:08 - Basic Crimping Tool & Simple Ratchet
36:36 - Engineer PA09 Crimping Tool
38:01 - Crimping Tool with Interchangeable Heads
39:08 - Drill & Drill Bits
42:20 - Hot Glue-Gun
43:38 - Heat-Gun
44:53 - Rotary Tool
46:30 - Solderless Breadboards & Preformed Jumper Wires
51:42 - Shields, HATs, and Proto Boards
55:42 - Chip Extractors & Plastic Tuning Tools
58:25 - Tie Wrap Tool
59:50 - Nibbing (Nibbling) Tool
1:02:37 - Tap & Die Set
1:04:28 - Circuit Board Holders
1:07:50 - My Favorite Tools
1:11:06 - Buying Tools & Storing Tools
1:14:16 - Shopping List
1:16:01 - Conclusion

The article accompanying this video has more details about these tools, so please check it out.

I hope you find this guide useful and that you discover some new tools to add to your own workshop!


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Great article Bill. I will add that some tools are expensive, and I have made the mistake (more than once) of thinking I could 'get away' with a cheaper tool. All that does is make the cost of the right tool that much more. In woodworking we had a saying, 'only cry once'.

One possible exception (see the swiss guy 2nd video on it) is the Engineer PA09 which can be replaced by the IWISS IWS-2820M.

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Enjoyed the video, and learned a few things in the process! There may be a few tools I don't have, and "need" (my wife would find it amazing I don't already have 2). Some tools I buy by project so I have them in the future.


We all appreciate the videos, I particularly like your diversity of content. 

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