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Arduino GIGA Display Shield

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The Arduino Giga Display Shield is a touchscreen display with an IMU, microphone, RGB LED, and camera connector.

We have already looked at the Arduino Giga; it’s an advanced microcontroller that brings the horsepower of the Portenta series to a board with an Arduino Mega format.

Today, we will look at an exciting accessory for the Giga, the Arduino Giga Display Shield. This is a full-featured 800x480 TFT display with a capacitive touch screen. It also has an onboard IMU so you can read the display orientation, a MEMS microphone, and an RGB LED. There is also an extension of the Giga’s existing camera connector on the front of the display.

This device is called a “shield,” but it actually mounts on the underside of the GIGA board, using the display and camera connectors. This arrangement makes for a very straightforward hardware setup, and you can still use conventional shields on the Arduino when the display is mounted.

In this video, I will walk you through all the features of the Arduino Giga Display Shield. Here is the Table of Contents for today's presentation:

00:00 - Introduction
01:25 - Arduino Giga Display Shield
05:08 - Getting Started
06:47 - RGB LED Coding
08:26 - IMU Coding
10:30 - Microphone Coding
14:54 - ArduinoGraphics Library
16:32 - ArduinoGraphics Library Demo
19:13 - Arduino Logo Demo
21:42 - Displaying Your Own Images
25:04 - GFX Library
26:20 - GFX Library Demo
29:33 - LVGL Library & Framework
32:10 - LVGL Demo Code
36:42 - LVGL with IMU and Image
39:49 - Touch Screen Intro
40:58 - Touch Screen Polling Demo
43:44 - Touch Screen Interrupt Demo
46:10 - Camera
48:22 - Camera Demo
53:02 - Conclusion

I think that this display would make an ideal “master control panel,” perhaps for an Arduino IoT Cloud project. You can expect to see it again in another video!

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