Computer Under Dure...

Computer Under Duress  


Robo Pi
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2019-09-06 7:17 am  

My mind is shot
my brain is fried
my computer code

I'm switching back and forth
twix C++ and Python
with syntax so confusing
my brain will soon be bygone

An indent there
a semi-colon here
and then you get an error
that needs to disappear

Syntax Error!
Please correct your code!
I can't compile this gibberish!
It's nonsense a la mode!

My computer keeps complaining
as I try to reassess
and my CPU is smoking
from syntactical duress

DroneBot Workshop Robotics Engineer

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2019-09-07 2:48 am  

There are times that I would swear that Linus Torvolds only invented Linux so that when people came over to his house they would be impressed to always see some computer code constantly scrolling up his screen

Daily updates, scrolling, install this, nope, you can't install this until you install that, but you have to update this first, and you can't update this until you upgrade that... more scrolling scrolling scrolling

Keep that data moving
No passwords a'proving
Don't try to understand it
Just watch it scroll and damn it
Soon it will be over with a FAIL

More calculatin'
While my dinner it is waitin'
More cold lasagna
My wife'll dump it onya
If I don't get home pretty soon

Click it on
'Nother screen
Click it on
'Nother screen

Keep them bits a rolling

OOOoohh Linux

In all kinds of weather
We'll tie them bits together
This will all compile fore I leave

Aaargh !


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