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Hello, i am looking to assembly a talking distance sensor with a range of 1 to 20 Ft, i think i need a waterproof lidar sensor, the control board and a mp3 playing board,instead of pulse a button each ft, the signal from the board will select the file ( instead of print or send to the lcd,will activate the recorded sounds ) have some one experience with this circuit?

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Have you considered using the bottom-end RasPi?  I see the RasPi Zero-W are back down to almost reasonable.  You could use them headless.  They have the sound capability already built-in.  You could use files... or just use synthesized text-to-speech.  You could also use a cheap ultra-sonic sensor.  

However, what you ask is strait forward.  A student of mine did projects doing the voice recorded playback and using ultrasonic sensors.  Both projects are common.  It shouldn't be too much of a stretch to combine them.

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