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Adjustable Bench Power Supply from an ATX power supply

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Robert T.
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Is it possible to add some form adjustment to the output of the supply and be able to setup your 12vlt lead as main feed and and have the 5v and 3.3v be separated out for powering different logic circuits but still be able to have variability on the 12v output? My thinking would be to use a buck converter to be able to get higher than the 12v such as the HiLetgo LTC3780 DC-DC 5V-32V to 1V-30V 10A Constant Voltage Current Automatic Step-up Step-Down Regulator Charging Module, a potentiometer for the adjustment, and a volt/amp meter such as thie MCIGICM 0.28" LED Voltmeter Ammeter, Red and Blue Digital Multimeter Display Voltage Current Tester,DC 0-100V 10A Detector Voltage Current Meter Panel Amp Volt Gauge for a display. 

Could a 12v 10amp fuse handle higher voltage but with lower current? If my thinking is correct, I believe it could. If not, would it be a possible solution to use a larger fuse for this application?

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Hi Robert,

    I just looked up information on the HiLetGo LTC3780. I have never heard of this before. Some of the features, as noted on the data sheet, include the following:

 Single Inductor Architecture Allows VIN Above, Below or Equal to VOUT
 Wide VIN Range: 4V to 36V Operation
 Synchronous Rectification: Up to 98% Efficiency
 Current Mode Control
 ±1% Output Voltage Accuracy: 0.8V < VOUT < 30V
 Phase-Lockable Fixed Frequency: 200kHz to 400kHz
 Power Good Output Voltage Monitor
 Internal LDO for MOSFET Supply
 Quad N-Channel MOSFET Synchronous Drive
 VOUT Disconnected from VIN During Shutdown
 Adjustable Soft-Start Current Ramping
 Foldback Output Current Limiting
 Selectable Low Current Modes
 Output Overvoltage Protection
 Available in 24-Lead SSOP and Exposed Pad (5mm × 5mm) 32-Lead QFN Packages

    I don't understand some of these features, or what exactly this module is capable of. It does sound like you have some idea of how to incorporate it into an awesome bench power supply. Please post more information about this project. I just have an old ATX power supply on my bench. I would really like to have a variable power supply.

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