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2020-02-25 10:58 pm  

Wow, where to start!! well only a few weeks ago I had never heard of or seen an Arduino, so it all begins, I decided to buy one of these intriguing little board things and why not!! also got an Elegoo robot car at the same time and that's why I came across this amazing site. Bill has been part of my life every day for the last few weeks!! so its all new to me, all of it!! but I have learned so much in a short space of time. I have many questions, in fact, millions ? 

So where am I today, I have tried and completed most of the starter projects, and am enjoying the learning and troubleshooting, understanding the sketches is coming, work in progress!! I have just managed to get the Elegoo car wireless joystick-controlled using Bills video and modifying the sketches and wiring, it works well and I am so happy about this, I really didn't think I would be capable of doing it but I did thanks to Bill and his workshop.

So here I am ready to learn more!





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2020-02-26 7:46 am  

Hi Wayne, welcome to the forums.  I'd say that you are very lucky to have found Bill's DroneBot Workshop just as you are starting out with the Arduino.  While there are many other YouTube videos on Arduino projects, very few, if any, beat the step-by-step details that Bill offers.  So you're off to a really great start!  You couldn't have stumbled onto a better YouTube Channel for learning about Arduino projects.   And now you even have this forum to ask your questions.  I'd say you hit the jackpot.  Congratulations!

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