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I love watching Bill's informative videos and thought maybe this community he mentions is worth dipping my toes in.

I am relatively new to electronics and making, I dabbled in high school and while pursuing my degree in Computer Science, but I stopped because of life. I graduated college and built a semi-successful sales career for the last 15 years and regretfully never got into a technical field. Now I'm about to be considered "midlife" with no apparent way to transition into a career I could be passionate about, so I took up the hobby of hobbyism to fill that void. 

In my basement workshop in Ohio (USA), I've purchased a few SBCs, MCUs, kits, modules, and a 3D printer. Now, I'm loving pursuing my hobby in my spare time between feeding the baby or working on the house. 

A few of the projects I'm working on or planning on working on:

  • A pan-tilt directional antenna to determine if radio signals can be visualized (an update to an old proof of concept project from college in 2006 using a Pringles can)
  • A triple lens handheld camera that outputs 3D gifs with a RPi and FFMPEG
  • A game controller with configurable sensitive capacitive touch thumb controls
  • A few other ideas rattling around the ol' noggin. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the comments!

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Welcome you will find many members with similar interests here.

Ron B


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@makersmarquee Love your list of possible projects, some are interesting, some are close to my interests, and some are very hard. No spoilers, you will have to figure out which I think is which. 

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