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Don from north of Boston

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I worked many years in the technical side of broadcast television. I've done hobby coding for many years, starting with Z80 assembly language. I then moved on to PIC controllers programmed using a version of BASIC. My biggest project was a PIC controlled hot air coffee bean roaster. I was able to find some calculus routines in BASIC which were amazingly effective at controlling the temperature and airflow. That said, the coffee was no better than what I could buy in the store, so eventually my roaster went into the parts bin.

For the last few years I've been working with various Arduino projects.

Perhaps because of my background TV, I particularly appreciate the care and effort Bill puts into the preparation of his videos. The audio, video and production quality are first class.


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@donpk, Welcome to the forum!

Indeed, I can identify with your experience with the Z80 processor, and BASIC..Bought my first computer in 1979, a Tandy TRS-80evel 2 with 16K of ram, a monitor, and the Z80 processor built inside the keyboard. The  program storage was a cassette player ... wrote my first assembly language program on it, a 55 byte keyboard debounce program and later integrated  clock for display  on the monitor,  However, it had a problem as the clock would stop while you used a for- next loop ..  so it wasn't very practical

I was a Instrumentation/electrical technician for 40 years in the heavy industrial arena, and an electronics tech in the Navy before that, (FT) fire control systems, Electronic weapons systems, (EWS), and D.A.S.H. (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopters).  

You'll find many people on here that have a variety of skills and knowledge, willing to help, and to learn from your experiences..


kind regards,



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ron bentley
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Hi Don,

Welcome to the forum, a great place to hang out with like minded people.

Pic, eh! Well I recall using pic many years ago and whilst not mainstream at the time I did appreciate it. Its ..... different, especially file systems. Once I got my head around its uniqueness I quite appreciated it, especially its TCL.

Anyway these days its Arduino and, latterly, ESP 32  in my retirement years.

I look forward to your posts.


Ron B

Ron Bentley
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