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may you please help me with this project
Control the watering of plants using a MATLAB GUD. Create soft keys in MATLAB. The system must monitor the temperature and humidity of the soil in 3 different sections. One section must always be dry and the other 2 sections must be watered. The system must always be compared to the dry section, the percentage of humidity and temperature must always be compared to the dry section which is the control section. Use an Arduino as an interface.

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Hi @thulani,

   Sorry, but speaking only for myself, my feeling is this forum is unlikely to be a good choice for a MATLAB question and I would not want you to waste your time hoping for an answer.

Matlab is a commercial software programming environment. It is a very expensive product and is generally available to people who either:

  • have a professional/commercial reason for buying it, that will offset and justify the expense
  • are university/college students (or lecturers) that can obtain the 'academic' package deal at much lower price, and also generally need it to complete (or present) their course

My general impression is that most this forum's regular contributors do not fit into either of these categories, and hence do not consider MATLAB for their projects.


In addition, they have to be careful to not inadvertantly get involved with helping students completing a course project that will be presented as the 'wholly the student's own work', or of helping to develop commercial project. Of course, I have no idea if either of these cases applies to you - I am just pointing out the concern.


Good luck with our project - I hope you are successful.