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Installation of outdoor movement detection sensors at remote locations

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Hello all, 

I am Mr know-nothing in this filed so pardon me for not using the technical jargons suitable for explaining my conundrum. 

I am assigned to keep a check on intrusion passages to a power plant spread over several hundred sq km. I have identified few sneak inlets but keeping them under constant observation is an herculean task. CCTV, drone footage, electrical fence, search lights, 24/7 patrolling none options work either for cost or effort purpose. Area is mostly without cellular coverage. 

I came across these interesting videos of small electronic circuits of proximity sensors arduino working on different principles like doppler etc. They are cheap, passive, maintenance free and with little effort (I hope so) can be developed into a network or mesh of sensors that trip the alarm in case of intrusion.

Now the problem areas. 

1. Operating Life - How to sustain such a sensor in a remote area through battery for at least 3 to 4 days. What kind of batteries would be required. Can the revisit time or battery life be extended upto a week. 

    2. Connectivity - How to install a network of these sensors and link them to a central control room, where one sensor going off can light an LED or trip an alarm. As mentioned earlier, area is without cell coverage, what would you guide as the relaying method of the sensors activation in case of movement detection. Distance will approx 700 to 1000m from sensors to control room. 
I apologise for any confusion that may arise out of my lack of technical knowhow in this field. But will be happy to specifically clear any query.