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ESP32-S3 SC01 Plus Project

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Hi everyone,

An update on my VW bus Dash console. I received a great looking 4.5 in tft with integrated ESP32-S3

(Panlee SC01 Plus) from China.

 Got straight to it by first designing my pages using a free GUI called “SquareLine Studio” and exporting the code into my Arduino IDE sketch, downloaded the suggested libraries (LVGL8.x) to make the SquareLine code work.

Great, on the home run, now only have to write the Main code which wasn’t much as I just wanted to test the screens, I wasn’t interested in testing the I/O just wanted to see how the screens looked and change between screens using the touch screen. Dam I’m so naive !!!!!

Then the first problem.

The board libraries for my usual ESP32’s just didn’t work and the one the IDE suggested didn’t either.

I tried to find other projects online for this board but all were for the series below this one (the non Plus). Then after nights of trawling on the web I made the decision to changed to ESP32 IDE platform for which I have no experience. But I did manage to flash the device using the ESP32 IDE, so looks like a start from fresh scenario awaits me !!!!!  that’s all for now, I’ll keep you all up dated with my progress.

If anyone has any experience with this board with Arduino IDE I'd love to know !

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@mostyn That is the latest series 3 board. I am a little surprised you were not able to get it to work. I have it in my boards list (pic attached). When you say it didn't wirk, can you provide screen snaps of the actual errors?

Screenshot 2022 12 02 at 06.29.51


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