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Sleeper TV

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Hi, I have a suggestion for content.  Granted I want to do the same thing myself later on, but it would be nice to have a video that explores the same Idea.  How about you get a old Tube TV.  Take out all of its inner's then replace it with a Arduino or Raspberry pi, along with a display that fits into that TV Box.  Then add the necessary components to allow the TV to stream Youtube anywhere you might find cellphone signal and also Add a regular Computer DVD ROM in order to play DVD's when out camping?

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It's an interesting suggestion, except for the "old CRT TV part," which would make it impossible to source parts for. A 3D-printed chassis would be a better choice.

But I can't see much interest in this, so I will pass on it. I do, however, appreciate the time you took to suggest it, thanks!



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