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My robotic "testbed" for various MCUs and GUIs - the "Gunnerator"  


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2019-08-13 2:29 am  

I built this years ago from the base of an old broken RAD Robot toy

2012 09 17 16.20.33

It has, and still does, serve me well as a relatively "mostly all terrain" type test base for outdoor use.

It presently looks like this...

2017 09 15 14.05.19


2017 09 15 14.05.02

It is currently running off a Wemos D1 Mini Pro, and I have used many different control interfaces for it.  I am working with VirtuinoSE for it's latest GUI. 

It runs on a 12v SLA battery... which, while heavy, is easy to keep charged with a simple trickle charge solar panel, provides more than enough power and the weight helps with traction.

The motors and drivetrain are the stock (6vdc - now over driven, and plastic gears) from the original toy, and while very noisy they seem to "just work" so I haven't bothered to upgrade them... although I did have to "stretch" the chassis to tension the old rubber tracks and keep them from falling off when "tank steering".

2013 07 29 19.16.04

It has a two speed "transmission" that I converted to servo control for remote switching.

2012 11 19 22.42.56
2012 11 19 22.57.09

One of these days I need to upgrade to a proper POV system (using a cell as IP Cam is too laggy) and add on an arm or something, with this servo converted VEX claw.

2012 10 30 22.00.22
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2019-08-13 2:31 pm  

@gunner Nice bot base.

I know what you are talking about with the lag on the phone as a cam setup. I did it on a telepresence bot and it was no fun.  I would drive into stuff all the time.  I love the shifter mod.



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2019-08-14 5:49 am  

I love that idea !

Makes me think about the old (still functional) Omnibot2000 I've got in the basement