Will DB2 fly?

Will DB2 fly?  


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2019-08-24 12:08 am  

Hey all,

Sorry for going AWOL on the ROS project and from the forum.

I live in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. It is incredibly beautiful. But, we sometimes have problems with flooding. In general, if left to nature the flooding is manageable.  The streams grow thick protective banks of grasses and trees with thick roots. The low area form wetland which hold and release the water after a rain.

The challenge comes when us pesky humans develop the land. Draining a wetland make a great place for a new field or subdivision. Clearing out a space on a hillside makes a spectacular view for a high-end home. The results of such development can result in unexpected and often catastrophic flooding. We have had a couple of bad years for flooding lately.

So, for the past couple of months, I have been working on a project to use remote control airplanes with pan an tilt cameras and high bandwidth radio connections to monitor and record the evolution of our streams. The last couple of moths have been a crash course in small scale aircraft to carry the cameras and amateur radio to send the video streams back to a competent observer.

It is currently really cost and labor-intensive to have trained hydrologists try to monitor our thousands of miles of stream. It seems like a perfect fit for a semi-autonomous drone with some onboard computer vision. Then, the hydrologist can sit in her truck somewhere in the coolee and monitor the video stream from the drone.

Parts for DB1 have been trickling in from china. Looking forward to getting back to DB1 again almost all of the concepts I have been learning on DB1 apply to the plane.

I hope the weather is getting better up in Canada. I am really looking forward to more videos from the workshop. They consistently inspire me to reach out of my comfort zone and learn new thing about electronics and robots.


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