Ros on windows

Ros on windows  

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17/07/2019 3:26 am  

@robo-pi You could give a look. It is similar to ROS, but is Java based. I'm not sure of the minimum system requirements, but it was quite easy to get it loaded and running and talking to a microcontroller. It shares a lot in common with ROS as far as I can tell. I will say, the docs can be somewhat lacking for the device services, but downloading the source clears that up if needed.

Note: You don't have to write code in Java.  You can in Python.

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17/07/2019 3:31 am  

Talk about irony. I have practically lived in the [turtlebot3 manual]( for the last couple of weeks.

It turns out the manual is written in [jekyll on github]( , and it is  [CC by 4.0]( ).

Edit --sorry, I am suffering from markdown overload. Can't seem to get my links correct 🙁

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01/08/2019 1:54 am  


It is interesting I have not gotten to it yet its just another thing in a long line of things but I suspect much of what the real robot design does is going to revolve around the turtlebot environment I'm sure it will be high adventure for sure😁

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