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Polls and Surveys

I will be posting periodic polls and surveys to finds out what topics and projects you'd like me to feature in future DroneBot Workshop videos and articles. I really want to know what interests you, so let me know your opinion.
Polls and Surveys

Suggest NEW Content

This is the place to suggest new videos and articles for the DroneBot Workshop. Please start a NEW thread for every content suggestion, DO NOT add your new suggestion to someones existing suggestion. And please, no DB1 contents suggestions in here! I will be using your suggestions when planning new articles and videos. Thanks!

Content Polls

Give me your opinion on some topics I'm considering for future articles and videos. All polls here are time-sensitive, and you can only vote once. Please DO NOT add content suggestions here, put those in the "Suggest New Content" section instead.

Accepted Content

Here are the content suggestions that have been adapted, just for your reference. You won't be able to post in this section, but you can read everything!

Archived Suggestions

These suggestions have not necessarily been rejected, so don't feel bad if your content suggestion ends up here! It could be an excellent suggestion that is impractical at this time, or a thread that has gone off track, or a suggestion that was not very clear in intent. Items in here can not be edited or responded to, but you may read them.