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soldering on MCU boards

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I think it would be helpful to watch a video of a professional solder and unsolder wires, pins, and components on these new small Arduino, ESP-32, and Seeeduino type MCUs. My projects in the '80s used wire wrap and large soldering pads. I know I need to refresh my technique on not damaging these new little boards.


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Hi jfabernsthy,

soldering is a skill built up with experience under different situations. When I was in high school, (vocational) the first class I had
The teacher had us put nails, maybe 10 down 10 and 10 across on a flat wooden board then we would make a wire grid and practice by soldering the cross wires. My favorite technique was wire wrap with a wire Wrap tool.
I recently pick up two after Bill brought wire wrapping and wire Wrap tool on one of his wonderful videos.

just sharing,
best- Anibal