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Wannabe arduino pilot from Denmark  


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2020-03-10 9:17 pm  

First i would like to thank Bill for the great and professional way of teaching people like me about the great universe of arduino and other electronics.
The videos on youtube is absolutely the best and most fullfilling on the internet.
I havent yet seen them all, and i would proberbly wach the ones i already have seen again a few times.
Motivation is my  key, and im sure with a little help from our geat guru Bill, i will get to master an arduino in no time.
Im sure theres a lot of other smart people in here that i can learn a lot from to..
So ... greetings from Denmark, and thank you for letting me in to this fantastic forum.
Have a good one.

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2020-03-10 10:21 pm  
Posted by: @sevang

greetings from Denmark

Hello and welcome (from France) !


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2020-04-08 5:17 pm  

Hi Sevang, where in Danmark are you? I am in the Aalborg area. (and I'm here to learn too)

Venlig hilsen fra Antonio1948

Keep calm and adopt an Arduino