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Regards from Sweden  


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2020-05-22 7:50 am  

I realized that I post my post at the wrong place, it's gonna be a double post...but.., this isn't starting good 😀



My name is Niclas and I'm from Sweden.
This with the small computers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi is quite new for me.
Bought my first Arduino for a month or so and I'm really hooked on it.

I work as a service technician / installer and have done it almost all my life.
I worked as a baker for a few years, it was a really nice job: D
My profession now is to install and have service on parking systems and I have been all over Sweden and installed parking systems at airports, garages and so on.

Now when I started using arduino / raspberry, I started with, like most of us, I think, a blinking led, two blinking led's, writing something to a display and so on, it's a lot of fun.

Then I got this crazy idea...why don't make my own parking system? 🙂

So now I have this little, little or little, parking project. 🙂

I have some parts ready.

The database, mysql, with customers, you can edit and add customers from a webpage.
I have a control panel, that's not finished yet, also a webpage from where you should be able to open and close the barrier.

I have a barrier ready, that goes up an down and have sensors in the ground, not the ground in this case, but I think you get the point. 🙂
There is two sensors, one at the station, don't know the correct name, but there where you press for ticket or use your credit card, and one under the barrier, you don't want the barrier go down on the car.

I had this ALPR ready and working, a little camera that took a picture of a licens plate and checked against the customer database to see if there was any subscription customer with that licens plate and then wrote to a display "Welcome Joe" or something and then the barrier shoud open.
Have had a small computer crash so I dont know if that is still working. 🙁

Yesterday I started playing with a printer that I bought, a Mini Thermal printer, the intention is that it will print tickets with a barcode on but I'm not sure that it work's like I want to, I have to experiment some more 🙂

Maybe a make a webpage, a project webpage, to show the progress of the project 🙂

This post is way to long so I have to stop now 😀

It's nice to be here and have a nice day and weekend.

Regards from Sweden