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Dear Forum et al.

I am brand new to the forum and have been trying to learn more about the arduino platform for use on some pet engineering projects.  I am a retired Medical Device Engineer and, in the last several months, have been working with cheap brushed DC micro gear motors from Servocity but have experienced inaccuracies that are unacceptable for my application.  I am trying to obtain low rpm, high torque and high angular positional resolution with a 10-15mm motor diameter size constraint for a pet project but these motors have proved to be inadequate in many respects.  I then bought the same motor with a relative encoder but have found the connections to be very fragile and never made to programming.  Plus the quality of the gears are extremely poor.  Now I am using a much more expensive micromo brushless motor with a large gear reduction and an absolute encoder but am struggling as to how to wire it up and program it for reversible operation.  I am going to add this as a possible topic for new content.  I do have specific specs on the motor and controller that I am using if anyone can assist.

Nice to meet all here involved - i look forward to working with the forum.

AcuDrive One