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Hi everyone, I'm Gren and been messing with electronics since I was about 9, I am now 73 so as you can imagine I've made all sorts of things over the years. Some of my early stuff used valves (tubes in the US) but I built my first micro computer in 1980 from a kit called a UK101. Since then I've gone on to do programming as a career. Over the past few years I've worked with Arduino boards and even worked on a Raspberry Pi. About 2 years ago I found Bill's videos on Youtube and I have learned much. My main problem is that in 2018 I had a Stroke which affected my right side and it took quite a while to get myself back in the saddle again. A few months ago I had another Stroke and this time it affected my left side but not to the same extent. I can still use a soldering iron and I have always got projects to work on. I look forward to being able to assist others with their projects and hopefully There will be others who can  help me remember stuff. That's the main problem with having a Stroke.   

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Hi Glen and a warm welcome to you. Very sorry to hear of your strokes but it is great that you are digging down and persuing your interests.

The forum is a great place to communicate with like minded members and I'm sure you will find it a very   beneficial resource, whatever your project needs.

Looking forward to reading about your projects. Keep active.


Ron B

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Welcome Gren

I too am sorry to hear of your health issues. I truly hope that you are on the mend and that no further ill health befalls you.

Your life experience sounds extremely interesting and I look forward to reading more about the "things" you have made over the years.