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Hi my name is Chris

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As my profile says, I'm in my sixties, trying to learn IOT stuff and remember my electronics from eons ago. 

Got hooked after getting "the most complete starter kid" from elegoo an amazon. What a jewel! 

I joined to find guidance in some projects I tried last Spring. First I got an HiGrow from Amazon which mostly a soil moisture meter for plans. Despite trying real hard to get the deep sleep working waking up only once an hour the max I could get out of an 18650 LION battery was about a week!

Then I switch to using an ESP-01 just to get temp reading from a DHT-11 and all the reading s are off from what I get if I just use an arduino. 

So I got discouraged and put thing aside for a while and just now coming back to try again as the winter is inching its way upon us. 


From a software point of view, I think I doing well, Deepsleep, MQTT, using config files for password and other key parameters, Set up a MQTT server on my NAS, got NODE to read all traffic and save into a DB, and started to build a node-red dashboard. 


So please to meet you all.  

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Welcome to the forum!

Although I've never explored longevity on a battery, I've bookmarked this for future needs.  Maybe it'll help you. -

I've used more than a dozen DHT-11 and my students even more.  They are all over the place on output and most have failed in short order.  I can't rule out mis-use, but the ones I've had failed, I know I had hooked up correctly.  Mainly, I've seen man go bad after many hours of use.  

I recommend the AHT10 - Cheaper, more accurate, more consistent and I've not seen one hurt yet.  Since you're using ESP devices, this might be of interest. -

Great having you here and keep up up to date on your projects.  We all like to hear even if we can't be of help.



3 lines of code = InqPortal = Complete IoT, App, Web Server w/ GUI Admin Client, WiFi Manager, Drag & Drop File Manager, OTA, Performance Metrics, Web Socket Comms, Easy App API, All running on ESP8266...
Even usable on ESP-01S - Quickest Start Guide

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@inq thank you. I’ll be sure to check those links. 

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@snowfrog Don't forget most 18650's are fakes, you need to measure the capacity to know, there is no such thing as a 5,000 mah 18650, it's chemistry. A week sounds great.

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Hi Chris and welcome to the forum.

Interesting to read that it was the elegoo most complete starter kit that got you hooked (yes, it's a jewel).    Me too! It's a fantastic place to start for those new to electronics as I was (still am).

Sounds like you already have several useful skills that will serve you well.

Whatever your queries, I'm sure you'll find answers on the forum, there are many members will diverse and a whealth of experience.

Looking forward to reading about your projects. 


Ron B

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