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2020-02-26 5:29 am  

Hi everyone, I'm Dave. I was a physics major in a previous life, and by far my favorite classes were about electronics. I was on an astrophysics course, and, unfortunately, its exactly as hard as it sounds; so now I work in the medical field, but my interest in making and electronics never went away. I've been watching the videos for a few months now, and love the straight forward demonstrations. I always say, why buy something when you can make it for 3x the price and 10x the effort, so in that spirit, I'm planning out how to put together a fully functional remote weather station with an indoor base unit with web access for forecasts and data logging. Down the road, I'd like to integrate it into a smart mirror too. I'm hoping some of the fine people here can lend some advice on some of the coding challenges I'm staring down, and I'll be sure to post a detailed write up of the finished project! Looking forward to becoming a part of this community!


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