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Hello everyone, I'm new here

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My name is John and I've been retired for quite some time.  I have been a radio "ham" since 1960.  I am trying to figure out how to use an ESP32 to remotely control some parts of my ham station.  Last year I built an antenna switch described  in a ham magazine article using an ESP8266.  Fortunately, the author of the article helped me get it working.  My WiFi is barely in range to interact with the antenna switch which is just outside the brick wall of the house.  There are ESP32 modules that have a connection for an antenna and I had one that I may have damaged.  🙁

I must confess, I'm confused and trying to get a handle on the ESP32 via Utube videos and the Internet.  Perhaps I can get the help I need in the forum.  I will post soon.

ron bentley
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Hi John, welcome.

Have a look at the forums video library - there is an article on the ESP32 including its wifi functionality.

Looking forward to reading of your progress



Ron B

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