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Good News Everyone!  

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Hello fellow innovators and tinkerers,

My name is Ernest.  I recently got involved with circuitry, and coding to facilitate building some of the projects I would like to do at work.

The back story:

At the end of 2019 I was a little over a year into my welding job at a new company.  We primarily weld stainless tubing manually and with orbital welders.  One day a question was posed to the shop as a whole in a meeting about making an inverted milling machine (or drill) to drill into some tanks w/o getting any dust or chips inside the cylinder. Hence the upside-down drill. I took the challenge and successfully made a drill set-up that worked quite well and is still in use today.

Following that innovation; I was asked to improve other processes around the shop.  I built two more devices, one for drying aforementioned tanks after they are rinsed, another for leak checking some custom blocks for one of our customers.  I also revised some assembly procedures to minimize product loss due to breakage during assembly.  All in all these efforts saved the company a considerable amount of money, so they moved me into research and development.

Why I'm here:

There are some projects that I believe I can make better, but I need to know how to code, and build the circuitry to have the sensors and motors do what I want them to. 

I'm learning Python 3 currently, but Arduino has its own language, and I will take classes in circuitry when I've finished my Python 3 course.

I joined this forum because, I found Bills videos to be immensely helpful, easy to understand, detailed, and well structured.  I'm guessing that others were drawn here for similar reasons, and those are the people I would like to have discussions with about the various challenges and aspects of the projects I work on. 

I can help with most welding/fabrication questions any of you may have, or at least point you in the right direction.

I look forward to working with you!