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2020-01-13 9:10 am  

Hi! Everyone

This is Deo Raj from Bhutan, currently residing in Thailand. Though, I have educational background of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have limited hands-on experience in the field. Therefore, to fill in the Gap, I started playing as beginner with trending controller i.e Arduino and PI for couple of months. Moreover, this experience gave me enthusiasm to upgrade and do more. And coincidentally, I happened to come across DroneBot Workshop youtube channel, from which I had plenty of  interesting tech-stuffs to learn. And my first experience with DroneBot was satisfying and started following from quite sometime. Also, I  would like to give a shout-out to Mr. Bill for his  effort and providing excellent platform in aspiring and motivating learner like us.

While if I talk about my interest, I have currently started getting fascinated with Control, robotics and C programming. 

I would like thank Mr. Bill for adding and accepting me in this forum.

Lastly, I am excited to learn and share knowledge with everyone through this forum.

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Welcome Deo !



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