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Analog Sound Synthesis + WiFi or Bluetooth?  


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2020-04-05 6:24 am  

If you're ready for a real rabbit hole, try out analog sound synthesis! There is Moduar In A Week and Casper Electronics on YouTube, but they do not have the quality of organization that Bill offers. Id love to see some WiFi or Bluetooth controls added, possibly with an Arduino, and/or an ESP board.

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2020-04-18 1:00 pm  


Well, I have to admit that using an Avacado as a variable resistor is pretty innovative! And I used to fiddle around with this stuff in the late 1970s as well.

However, I think its a bit out of scope for the things I do on the channel, so I'm afraid I won't be doing this. And if you ever heard me playing the Alesis QX25 that I have on one of my Macs you'd probably think twice about having me do a video like that! 

Great suggestion though!

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