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[Closed] Combat Robotics!!

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Yes, how to SAFELY arm robots could be a fun series. 

Especially if it branches into pneumatic & hydraulic weapons.

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@sysguru  &  @akiramichaels

The following is from the community guidelines section of the forum.  I suggest you review all the guidelines.

"Dangerous Content. No plans or request for projects or devices that could inflict harm upon a human or animals will be permitted."

Any discussion of "Combat Robotics" probably should be on some other forum. 

And SysGuru, while I appreciate your mention of SAFELY, any mention of "arming" a robot is still not in the spirit of this forum.

I hope you  understand my intent and Thank You both for your understanding in this matter.


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@codecage @sysguru @akiramichaels

Thank you Codecage for sharing the reminder regarding the rules. I will certainly NOT be doing any sort of video like this.  The last thing I want to be responsible for is someone building a weapon of any sort.

Let's focus on peaceful uses for robotics and electronics, please!


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