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[Closed] advance stuff with NRF 24L01  


Cap Electronics
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2020-01-06 2:50 pm  

it would be nice to do more projects surrounding the NRF 24L01 rf module I know that there is the lesson on using the module with a robot but it would be great to do more advance stuff with it like networks. 

DroneBot Workshop
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2020-01-06 4:00 pm  


I've actually used the nRF24L01 is a few videos now (well, at least two that come to mind), but I'm certainly willing to do more with it.  Although "networking" seems to be more in line with a project-based upon Bluetooth or ESP32.

But if you have an idea (i.e a specific networking or IoT project) using the nRF24l01 I'd definitely be willing to consider it.  

Thank so much for the suggestion, I would love to get additional feedback on this.



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