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WiFiManager with ESP32 - Stop Hard-coding WiFi Credentials!

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@zander Looking at library descriptions and header files. Thanks for the links.

That is how I've been hard coding it into the sketch. I thought ideal(for me) would be to not only be able to input SSID and Password but also choose whether to use DNS or static IP and put in your desired IP. Not needed but fun to learn how. Occasionally have to change routers or password and as indicated in my introduction message, recently moved and the sensors I brought with now need updating. I've always preferred static IP's, easier to keep track of and like to put them outside the DNS range but on the same network. Can always just do an OTA update but need this before the router changed. In any case,

Merry Christmas

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@randoid The simplest way is to just add it to your sketch and see if it is accepted, or right click or hover over the statement to see if it's live.

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