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MOSFETs and Transistors with Arduino  

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Today we will learn how to use Transistors and MOSFETs to enable our Arduino to switch high-current DC loads, including a 12-volt RGB LED Strip Light.

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Transistors are the basic building block of modern electronics. Just about everything uses transistors, including the Arduino itself.

Using a power transistor or MOSFET we can drive high-current devices using the logic-level outputs from our Arduino. Today we’ll learn to use both devices.

We will start with a simple transistor switch, you’ll see how easy it is to switch a high-current DC lamp using a popular power transistor.

Inductive loads like motors and relays present an additional challenge, as these devices generate a “back-EMF” that we need to deal with. We’ll use a diode to take care of the back-EMF and build a simple motor speed controller.

We will then turn our focus to MOSFETs. MOSFETs have a number of advantages over standard transistors. We will learn how to use popular MOSFET modules to control an RGB LED Strip in a simple but colorful experiment.

Here is what is in today's video:

00:00 - Introduction
02:49 - Transistors and MOSFETs
16:23 - Transistor Switching Demo
22:54 - Transistor Motor Control
29:52 - MOSFET RGB LED Strip Light Control

Please note that transistors and MOSFETs are great for controlling DC loads, but not AC. I’ll be showing you how to control AC loads in a future video.

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Awesome video ! Can't say enough about how much I learn from this channel!     😁👍

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