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About Me

I am retired living in Alta Loma, Calif., USA.
Retired from being a Computer systems consultant.
Programmer, etc.
My main hobby has been Woodworking for the last several years.
I got interested in a CNC system, from Dave Gatton, which has made it more possible for one can get (build) a CNC for as little as $1,200 or so. In the process of studying for that, I ran into the Fusion 360 program which could be used to design, generate g-code, and feed to the CNC system. Was nice to see that it was FREE to hobbyiests! So I got it... Had a HELL of a Time getting to know it and using it.
Then I ran into some 3D Printing articles (posts)... and was surprised how the prices had dropped... to make it possible for me to get into that TOO! Awesome field! Love it... Have been able to use Fusion 360 to get very simple things Printed.
Then, I ran into a guy named Paul McWhorter who had some youtube videos on Teaching Fusion 360 or Die Trying! I studied them and got the doors open to the program so I could do more than before... He opened the doors for me to Fusion 360.
Then, I noticed some of the other videos he was publishing... On the Arduino system! Showed how simple it was to program and EASY to do various other things... NOW, I'm knee deep into that! Looks like I'm learning the C++ language that I never did learn way back in my Programming days... AWESOME... My eyes have been opened AGAIN!
I bought the Starter Kit and have playing with it.
I have decided that I want to make a simple Weather Station... and have been studying for it now.
In the process, I found The DroneBot Workshop and all of his videos that seem to be shedding a lot of light on the subject. That's why I am here today... To get more into the Electronics end of it...
I am a Amateur Radio Operator, very inactive, but still have my General License... So, I am not NEW to some of this stuff... especially the Arduino, etc. stuff.

So, that is about me in a nut shell... Didn't mean to be so WORDY... but, when I get a chance to use a soap box, I tend to USE IT... HI HI... :) :D

Later, I thank you for putting up with me while I get my feet wet here,

Joe Lyddon



America/Los Angeles




Have Fun,
Joe Lyddon

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