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It would be great to see step by step on how to use the nextion editor and the nexion display.


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I do think this is a great idea, especially for some of the IoT devices I'm planning on creating.  Actually, they would be a great display for any project.

I see that both Mouser and Digikey stock the displays, I'll have to add a couple to my next order so that I can "play" with them.

Excellent suggestion, consider it approved! I'll leave this post in this section so others may comment, then I'll move it to the "Accepted Content" section.





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@dronebot-workshop Hi Bill, i am doing a project that involves Stepper motors, nextion diplay and a mega 2560 mini by robotdyn.

actually after i saw your video about the nano 33 ble and iot i bought both and tried to move my sketch on it but i find no solution to adapt my sketch to the new platform and maynly the nextion library seems not to like software serial  and nextion library. additinally some comands that in the 2560 are normally compiled in the nano 33 didnt compile at all.

i would be very glad to follow a tutorial about nextion displays connected to the nano 33 BLE and using the itead library. and also to understand how to modify a sketch running on a mega 2560 smothly to make it work on a NANO 33.....

Thank you in advance for your help


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Bill, I am also happy to see this as accepted content!  Nextion displays look very neat especially because the editor allows really nice GUI's to be created without bogging down the micro controller.  Passing data between the display and an Arduino seems challenging in some cases.  I have attempted to follow some online tutorials, but haven't had a lot of success.  I prefer your videos because you explain the theory and details of each step which has always helped my success rate with projects. 

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@fastrunner08 Here is the Swiss Guy's YT video on Nextion

Arduino says and I agree, in general, the const keyword is preferred for defining constants and should be used instead of #define
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