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hi everyone, i am daniel

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i am daniel

from switzerland near the french and german border.
i m an it-support guy for some 30+ years now. did as400 support and networking in the beginning, os/2 and most of the windows flavours.
i fool around with computers also at home. i also have some raspberry pi but most of them really just to play around and i forgot most of what the heck i started with them.

i already use some shelly and homematic switches for lights in the garden. but i am not so satisfied with the pir motion detectors. thats why:
currently i try to use a wemos d1 mini and an sr04t to measure somebody coming up my way to the house. later i would like to magically light up the path and perhaps tell me somebody is here or do other actions depending on stuff. 

i have seen bills video about the waterproof ultrasonic distance sensors and tried to build it with my knowledge. I realized that the arduino tool and especially the sketch language and it variables are not always my friend. the different "very easy" looking sample sketches of additionally needed libraries do sometimes not match my level of understanding.

so why i became a member of this forum: i d like to profit from the group and share what i found out so far (or some of the time for sure what "i thought i found out").

give me time to read some posts, see how this forum works and i will explain my project and the steps i d like to do more deeply.

thank you all 

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Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum!  Hope you enjoy it here.



"Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window." — Steve Wozniak