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Proper connection of electrical robot components: 4 Dynamixel robotic servos, 3 steppers + drivers, Raspberry Pi + RP-Cam, Energy source(s)

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Hi all,

I need help with the hardware concept for my robot controls. The joints are moved with 4 Dynamixel robotic servos (2 XL430-W250T and 2 XL330-M288T) with integrated motor controllers and 3 stepper motors. In addition, there is a Raspberry Pi as control unit (incl. a RP Camera connected to the RP via ribbon cable), Stepper Drivers and power source(s).

Do you have a suggestion how to connect these components properly? At this point I am interested in a rough schematic, not in a detailed circuit diagram.

I have already been recommended the OpenCM9.04 controller board as the central interface between all components. Has anyone of you ever worked with it and can say what this board does exactly?


Grateful for any help.

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Probably help if people knew more about the background to your project.