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Lewis and Clark project  

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    I read somewhere that the first imperative for a robot project is to ‘move around and not get stuck’.  Well I think I finally got there.  


My two take aways from this project are:

1) robots are deceptively complex; and 

2) adding a little randomness can go a long way.


   So far, in my messy little condo it’s done very well at getting out of canyons and crashing its way over extension cords.  It uses two proximity sensors to help avoid obstacles, an instrumented bumper to escape collisions, and a few LEDs and LCD to help with debugging.  I leaned heavily on Joseph Jones’ book on behavior based robotic programming to make it happen.  I’m sure that I could make it more interesting by getting it to do wall following, but the software works so I’m claiming victory and moving on to another project!

L&CAvoid 1
L&CAvoid 2
L&CAvoid 3

The first picture is kinda cool because you can see the IR beam as a purple dot on the door and the green LED on the Lewis and Clark is indicating that the right IR proximity sensor is triggered.