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Robo Pi
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2020-02-23 2:06 am  
Posted by: @hunterogold

FidoBot is a prototype of the MyMate series of autonomous robotic applications.

What is the "MyMate" series?   Is this something you are creating, or something you are following?

Is there a website or YouTube channel associated with this project?

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Hunter O'Gold
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2020-02-23 3:08 am  

The MyMate series is my creation and is aimed at some long term projects including the MyProspector robotic prospecting cluster. There is no website as this as is not open source. Central to this is the Artificial Neural Network I am working on that uses a brand new neural networking paradigm (a new mathematical approach) which is definitely proprietory to myself.

I will be sharing concepts and insights from time to time to aid the community, however. For example, the MyMate chassis design, which is based on the Curiosity Mars Rover. There are a number of excellent examples of this style of chassis already out there but I am aiming at making mine extremely robust, suitable for use on rugged and loose surfaces.

So, as I said, FidoBot is very much a prototype and much of that project will be made available to the community in time. I'm currently specing it out, acquiring hardware and considering features.

Here is one idea I will be implementing. When a wheel loses traction it will be set to free-wheel. This is to prevent bogging. If all wheels lose traction they will all lock and an emergency signal will be sent to 'Mother'. Note that all (six) wheels have independent drive, steer and brake (each has its own arduino nano).

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The simplest solution is probably correct.

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2020-02-23 5:01 am  

Not open source and essentially proprietary software means I guess there is nothing much to talk about even to the few here that may understand the mathematics behind neural networks and back propagation training.

With regards to the physical side of robotics it is mainly a question of money.  The real work has to be in the AI as is demonstrated when any AI controlling the physical side of the robot is replaced with a human brain.  

Wish you the best with your efforts and maybe one day I will see a super ANN in action?


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