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Two new PCBs

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It's been a while since I was last on the forum!


I have two new free PCBs for download for making at one of the PCB makers in the world.

The first is actually an update, but a larger change to the board.


The RoboESP32 uses the Wroom-32, wide or narrow versions. It uses two L9110 drivers for the motors. The motors are on GPIO26 & 27 (Left) and GPIO32 & 33 (Right)

There's a connector for an HC-SR04 and it's on GPIO4 (Trigger) and GPIO2 (Echo). The Echo is tried in via a voltage divider for allowing a normal 5v version of the HC-SR04 to be used.

The voltage regulator space is for an 1117 LDO type, at 5v/1a. The output of the regulator powers the ESP and the "V" pin headers.

A new board is a Pro Mini breakout board (3.3 or 5v).

Headers are included for all of the IO pins, including A4-A7. It has room for pullup resistors for SDA (A4) and SCL (A5). The regulator space is for the 1117 LDO type, 3.3v/1a or 5v/1a based on your "V" pin header power level choice. The regulator is optional and the VIN goes to the RAW pin of the Mini and lets the onboard regulator do the powering. You will have to solder the jumper pad to use a regulator.  If a regulator is not used, then VIN EXT can be used for external "V" pin header powering. This will allow for more power/voltage for servos or other devices.

This board should work for the three most common pin configurations.


They can be found here along with others I have made.  More to come...