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RPI Pico ESP-01 breakout board  

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I have a new Gerber for an RPI-Pico breakout board free for the making.
It includes a place for an ESP-01 module, power for the Pico and ESP, or an option for separate power for each.
The ESP is connected to UART1 RX/TX. There are also optional pullup resistor locations for the I2C bus.
Solder J1 close if only using the onboard regulator, and make that an 1117 LDO 3.3v 1a type. If powering the modules separately, keep J1 open and supply 3.3v to the ESP via the Ext. header. If this option is chosen, an 1117 LDO 5V 1a regulator can be used or the 3.3v version.
J2 is for bypassing the diode if you wish to not use one.
The PCB can be easily made at the PCB house of your choice.

The Gerber files can be found at along with others I have.

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