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Resonably Good Quality Video Camera To fit onto a CNC machine  


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2020-03-10 4:25 pm  

Hi Everybody,

In the near future I am giving a talk to our local technology club and would love to include some video footage of a method of machining a particular component.

Whilst I am not exactly destitute I do not wish to spend a fortune. I would like a decent video camera that I can use to photograph the machining and present to our club via a computer and projector.

Suggestions as to the right sort of gear would be greatly welcomed.


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2020-03-26 3:01 am  

Many DSLR cameras have the ability to record video. Should be reasonably easy to mount as well.

Perhaps a visit to the local pawn shops may be fruitful.



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2020-04-12 9:50 pm  

I use the Logitech c270 on both my 3D printers. I only paid something like $20 each at Best Buy 

They work well for the purpose of mounting on a machine and keeping track of what it's doing, and if you take the face plate off there's a kind of a knob thing on the lens that if you carefully break away the hot glue that they put on it to stop people from spinning that knob, you can spin that knob and focus it right down to a few inches

It's not what I would call fancy or high tech

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2020-04-23 7:06 pm  
Posted by: @revver11

Perhaps a visit to the local pawn shops may be fruitful.


If you can find one, either a Canon ELPH-300 or ELPH-310 are amazing point-and-shoot cameras. They don't make them anymore, but you can sometimes find them used for under 100 dollars. the difference between the two is the zoom lens.  They shoot excellent 1080-HD videos and even have stereo sound.

I would NOT recommend the later models in the line, such as the ELPH-380, however. They took all of the good features of the original ones, stripped them down and replaced them with useless stuff like WiFi and Bluetooth.

If you're willing to put up with digital zoom (as opposed to optical, which is superior) then you might just get by with your phone!

If a webcam is more suitable then I recommend the one I have, the Logitech C-920. It does 1080-HD and has stereo sound, as well as a decent lens. Like all webcams, it only has digital zoom.

If you have a bit more money to spend I have been pleased with the Canon M100, its a mirrorless camera. It's a small unit with DSLR quality images and interchangeable lenses.  The one thing I DON'T like about it is the sound quality, but I never use the sound from my cameras anyways.

Before the COVID-19 crisis put a hold on everything I was planning to upgrade my videos to 4k, and for that, I planned to get the Canon M50. That's also a favorite camera among folks who stream video, although I have no intention at the moment of doing that.  But as a mirrorless camera with the same body as my M100, it will allow me to interchange the lenses.

Just my 2 cents!



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