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2019-06-25 11:09 pm  


I have received reports of people not being able to see their posts, or not seeing the latest posts in the sidebar. I believe this issue has been caused by a caching mechanism on the web server I'm using conflicting with the forums own internal cache.

At about 6 PM EST (22:00 GMT) today (June 25) I turned off the web servers cache in an attempt to resolve this.

If you are still experiencing this issue please try clearing your browser's cache and forcing a refresh, most browsers will do this with CTRL-F5. If that still does not resolve the issue please report it on this post

Sorry for any inconvenience, part of the "growing pains" of a new forum!



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2019-06-26 7:01 am  

Thanks for looking into it.

Another possible issue might be related to the timestamp on posts. For me, the 'X hours ago' indicator on the left side bar seems different than what it should be based on the timestamp on the upper right of the posts themselves. Maybe due to how different plugins deal with time zones.

Follow up--

I went into account setting and reset my user timezone and location information. It got reset to blank somehow. Now everything seems to be working again.


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