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New Section - "Suggest New Content"  

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I've added a new section to the forum for suggesting new content for the videos and articles.  This is the replacement for the old method I used which was only open to newsletter subscribers.

I had to add a few rules to make this work, as I don't want people going off-topic on the suggestions.  We tend to do that on many forum posts, someone starts a post about an Arduino problem and it evolves into a discussion about the weather in Mongolia. I'm just as guilty of this (perhaps even more guilty than most), in fact, I just refrained from turning the Linux Help thread into a discussion about the new NAS that I intend to buy next month!

On the new Suggest NEW Content thread I would respectfully ask that you stay on topic, create a new topic if your comment is about something new and please read the rules about posting there.  Our moderators are all volunteers, and I don't want them to have to spend their days moving or deleting posts that don't follow the rules.

Also, if I DO create content based upon your suggestion I'll be removing the thread that suggested it.

The rest of the forum is "business as usual", it's just this new one that I'm unleashing the Forum Police on!  I hope you understand.

In fact, I'll go off-topic right now!

I'm amazed -  I actually got some sleep last night (8 whole hours) and this morning the techs at Cloudways finally fixed the Redis cache issue on the main website.  I need to remember to check my lottery ticket, as we had the largest one in Canadian history yesterday and with the way things are going so far perhaps, I won it!  If I did then you'll be seeing a new and improved workshop soon, which I will build in my dream home in New Zealand (my favorite place on the planet).

Now back to our regular content!

Looking forward to your content suggestions!







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