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[Sticky] Change to Forum Registration process

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I have changed the process for becoming a member of the DroneBot Workshop Forums. The old registration form was being targeted by spammers and as a result, our forum has been flooded by membership requests by bots.

This has caused a great deal of unnecessary work for our wonderful forum moderators, who work as volunteers and who certainly do not need this added aggravation.

So I have changed the registration process.

Instead of filling out the registration form and responding to the confirmation email there is now a new system for those interested in becoming forum members.

You can now apply for forum membership by sending an email to forum [at] dronebotworkshop [dot] com. In the email you need to include three things:

  1. Your First Name (Last Name is optional)
  2. Your desired User Name
  3. The reason you want to join the forum.


I will review the requests and manually create new accounts for those that are approved. I will make every effort to do this as quickly as possible.

That last bit, "the reason you want to join the forum", does not need to be anything more than a sentence.  Just enough so I can determine that you are indeed a human and are not here to spam the other members.

I didn't really want to make this change but as the number of bots and spam accounts has increased dramatically in the last two weeks I don't see any other choice.

For existing members, it is "business as usual", and this will not affect you.  



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