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Testing... soldering pics.  

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Made the electronic level

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My 3D printer repstrap Monkey Shit Fight.

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 Soldered the LEDs to a small protoboard. The negative leads fold over and connect to the next LED. The resistors leads go down thru one hole and pop up out of the next. On one end they loop around the positive lead on the LED and on the other they loop around the tinned wire. Then everything was soldered and trimmed.


Used battery heat shrink to cover the board and Nano. Ignore the LED being green with the sensor at a crazy angle. It is doing a chaser animation to tell the user to tilt back to level. I just happened to catch the green LED on in the pic. Changed the sensitivity of the sketch to a much narrower range. I will be using it to level large coil rigs before the mast is raised.

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