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WiFi camera in model railway

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I want to add to a H0 Märklin steam train a WiFI camera. Can someone suggest some components which I could use? A link to eg. AliExpress will be great.

PS: I’m new to arduino or such microcontrollers, but I’m a developer since 2000. Now I want to start coding for IoT.

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@mars3142 What you want to get is the ESP32-CAM-MB and then install this software HERE  

This is a ready to go streaming camera server. I have a fair amount of experience with is so if you have questions just ask although it's a very simple install now, it used to be hard. I just tried it a couple days ago to make sure it was still working properly and it is.

Here is a link to Aliexpress that will take a few weeks. I highly recommend the MB style as this board is double sided so is somewhat difficult to work with unless you get this MB model. Good luck.

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