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Microsoft Doesn't Think Windows Is Important Anymore  


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2019-10-04 2:04 am  

Headline from The Verge...

Microsoft Doesn't Think Windows Is Important Anymore

So I'm reading this story about how Microsoft is planning on working with Google to create an Android phone cuz Windows is dieing

(Yea, I got all those words into the same sentence)

It doesn't seem to be here on the desktop version of the story, but, when I was reading it on my phone, there was an ad right in the middle of the story for a food replacement product called SOYLENT

And yes, it's green


So Microsoft is working on an Android phone cuz it somehow realized that Windoze sux, and Soylent Green is a real thing

Que up the theme from the Twilight Zone

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2019-10-04 2:47 am  

Windows joins with Soylent Green
abandoning the large machine
to focus on the world of apps
with Google and some other chaps

The old OS is dying fast
they knew for sure it wouldn't last
the fate of humans has been cast
as Windows is no more

As laptops fade into the night
the Android phones will overwrite
to usher in a copyright
as Windows mops the floor

Monopolies continue
in larger smaller scales
more money in their pockets
more little tiny sales

But every penny earned
inflates their finance base
as they continue on their quest
to rape the human race

So drink your Soylent green my friend
ignore the contents of the blend
Just use your Android phone to send
a warning of the end

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