arduino uno and webcam  


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2019-06-16 10:41 am  

I would like to build a webcam with arduino
I can't  build a sketch from scratch and therefore need some  help
Does anyone have anything that can be used for my program

maybe some links




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2019-06-16 10:58 am  


Your question is too vague!

You need to outline exactly what you want the Arduino to do with your webcam.


I want the Arduino to switch the webcam on if the Arduino detects movement or

just transmit the picture using WIFI.


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2019-06-16 12:57 pm  

I would agree with @pugwash here. This is an interesting idea but what are you looking to do? Do you want to have the Arduino take pics at set times and have it send them to a server? If you are just looking for straight out streaming then you might want to look into using a Raspberry PI because it's very easy to do with that board. I know very little about electronics right now so during my learning journey I'm picking up that there are tasks that can lend themselves to different boards. 

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2019-06-17 7:43 pm  


As Pugwash and garnold have stated, you will be limited using a webcam on an Arduino. There are other options, but what you could do onboard will be limited without shipping the image data to a more abled processor.  You could use the OV7670 Camera Module or a similar device. With this, you can capture frames and do simple things like motion detection or possible line/edge detection. Again it would be limited. There are other options like the Pixy and OpenMV cameras. With the Pixy and OpenMV you can do basic color detection and some object/shape detection. Again limited, but a lot better than just the Arduino by itself.  There is also an ESP32 with a camera, that you can do captures with.


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2019-06-20 10:11 pm  

Roenne, as all of the others have said you really need to let us know exactly WHAT it is you want to do with an Arduino and a camera.  Without giving us that it is really hard to help you.

Here are 32 Camera projects you can do with an Arduino. Direct from the Arduino website.

As Casey pointed out a quick Google search will give you a lot of results (including the one I just mentioned). And once you have decided exactly what you want to accomplish and what hardware you plan on using you can update us and let us know what you need help with.

As the many replies you already have received have illustrated, everyone here is more than willing to help you.  We just need to understand the question a little better.


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2019-06-20 11:43 pm  

This might help ya out some! Pretty cool board that has a camera on the ESP32 board. I've added this to my goodies bag list HAHAHA!

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2019-06-23 3:28 am  

Also, don't be intimidated and think that you can't build your own sketches from scratch.

Searching the web for "arduino tutorials" using the search engine of your choice (I only use Bing ? ), you will find an almost endless number of sites that will start with the basic Blink sketch, and the tutorials will just keep building on what you learned to make more advanced sketches along the way.

I think you will find that you will be able to design your own sketches a lot faster than you might give yourself credit for.

Good Luck, and just have fun along the way!


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