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Zander's PICO UNO

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I ordered some of the boards Bill used from PTSolutions. They are very slick with lot's of ways of connecting the power and using jumpers to change behavior. I did not use much of that though. The first picture is powered by USB, the second a battery pack, and the 3rd is both at the same time. The green Led is attached to a power rail with VSYS which in this case is about 5.5V while the yellow Led is on the 3.3V rail powered by the PICO voltage regulated 3v3 pin. I used rubber feet, and hot glued brass posts into them.

Does anyone have tips for adjusting the MINI360 buck converter? I am slightly over the max of 5.5V and worried I might damage the PICO.

I added the pics of under board wiring and the rubber feet hot glued to brass posts and the male and female connections on both sides.

Now I can free up some space as soon as I find a good home to donate the old UNO, RIP.

IMG 7148
IMG 7149
IMG 7147
IMG 7151
IMG 7150


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