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Take a Break II - Arduino Festive Carols - A Musical Reprise

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Hi all,



Well, it is now December and we are fast approaching Christmas and its festivities.  I therefore thought I would reprise this article which I published in November 2022 (I posted early for Christmas!), for any forum members who might have missed it or forgotten it and may wish to implement it.

So, if you have an interest, an Arduino or clone (any variety should be okay), a 100 ohm resistor, a couple of wires and a small speaker (e.g. 0.25-watt, 8 ohm) then why not give it a go – the sketch makes a good fist of 10 popular Christmas carols that you can use to bring a little festive cheer to your workshop, just follow this link to the original article/post: Arduino Festive Carols.

Merry Christmas

Ron B


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